lating peristalsis and serving as a laxative. Cioarse foods, fresh fnd^

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Metal Poisoning. — ^The next groups of poisons to be considered are

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Massage, — ^Intestinal massage is also useful in this kind of obstruo-

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of the exudate remaining in the lung, 10-20 drops of oil of turpentine

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which he declares is rarely adulterated in this country ; and milk in the

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should be disinfected by means of the carbolic acid spray. 2. After recovery,

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potatoes, and sauces and gravies containing flour or starch. Some

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**Th6 acidity is more easily controlled by feeding e vary hoar and gh-

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comparison of symptoms with lesions will demonstrate that this is impos-

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terminates a task," Professor Agnew tells us, " which has occupied, for

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be exerted on the surface of the tongue to give rise to choking movements,

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last resort Osier gives the following figures: ''In 224 casea there woe

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adopted his method. The most important of these show the condition of

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May 22d. Pulse stronger and more developed; appetite good; sputa

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situate at the extremity of the nose. He punctured it in several parts, and

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living at the time of writing the report, aged respectively about six

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book itself. The fourth edition was, as is well known, the first in which

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often used. The author gives it in the form of a syrup added to other

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(Stokes' mixture : 2 egg yolks, 50 c.c. of brandy, 120 c.c. of aqua aurantii

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of a mixture of e^r 4.0 G. (1 dr.), and 1.0 G. (15 gtts.) of the

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can often be averted by strengthening the heart muscle again.

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septic action to the formaldehyde set free. In diarrhoea resultinf froa

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The sweating should be repeated two or three times a day. Aspirin sod

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symmetrical. The right side of the face suffered much more severely

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2. Nausea, vomiting, cramps in abdomen, diarrhoea, and even enteritis

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quantities of alcohol should not be allowed, however, unless the patient

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Considering the size of the reptile, and the delay in treatment, it is* sur-

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delay the administration of the initial dose, but should send for and

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