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intermediate curative, delayed curative, and late trephining. It is evi-
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neutral or weakly alkaline, are preferable to the powders for steady use,
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rectum in his hand ; and, besides, this is more agreeable to the patient.
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Calomel, castor oil, and saline laxatives, all three, have warm adroeita.
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meltolan 5 years
without discomfort I increase the bulk to 375-500 G. (12-16 oz.), infKi
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all eases, as chrcmie fibrinous brondiitis is not always due to streptoeoeeL
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over a long period, several months. The morning hour immediately after
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" Where the signs of local lesions are associated with those of general blood-
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refers his symptoms to his mind; vrbUe the hypochondriae may bekog
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etc. etc. Fourth edition. Philadelphia : P. Blakiston, Son & Co., 1884.
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study, demonstrating a connection between various organs of the body