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" Advance and Extension" and "Stationary" all speak for
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her life was in imminent danger, that immediate operation was
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charges, the patient and her husband commenced a cress action.
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the administration of the oath without the ceremony of
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Surgeon Captain W. S. P. kicketts, Bombay Establishment, is
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edition for 1893. The object of the work is to include in one
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Hoplsinson, F.R.S.; Professor G. B. Howes ; Mr. W. H. Preece,
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and he recommended the administration of chloroform, which
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hundreds have already fallen victims to the maladj'. The
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to stop exposure of infected persons than any method
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Further, as bearing upon the point under consideration, I
is well that it should be brought to the front now and again
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(compulsorily or otherwise) hospital districts consisting of
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three wharves ; the receipt and registration of notifications of
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must not give any more certificates, for, althoui^h not on a
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that he had slept the night before in the Hawick House of Refuge, along
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Leicester is the headquarters of the antivaccination move-
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weekly payment would be accepted. She is in very delicate health, but
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the Eoyal Infirmary, Liverpool; £l,(iiX) to the Koyal Southera
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of the catheter does not necessarily permanently destroy the
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of Egypt, the hamattan of the Sahara Desert, and the south-
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other men, and to take part in the common work. Thrice
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each case the existence of bacilli was established." This is
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Among diseases of fixed type the interval between epide-
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national Sanitai^y Conference at Dresden will be the Marquis
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the ascaris lumbricoides, both in appearance and life-history.
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Having first photographed her, I commenced on May 14th
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benzoin (without the ah,es, ipecacuanha wine, and eucalyptus
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leagues on the Council for his earnest work and independent