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meat jeUy and e^nog by the end of the second week. In the third week

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were " rushing through the arm," and he was unable to take off his coat

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learn that body and mind are only two sides of one thing, that bodily

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which he tabulated 514 in the following order: 72 per cent, cured, 15

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Every physician should have at his command some method of estimat-

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gradually in the course of an hour, the aperture through which it had to pass

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ful; e.g., green and dried peas and beans, potatoes (especially in

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most baneful ^ect on the respiratory system. Measles represents, as it

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salt springs, are preferable. Of the common saline waters used for drink-

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' [Hie anit whieb has be«n adofited in the United States equals tbe

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plishment of perfection in measures for the prevention of disease. A local

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giv^i three times in two days.^ If the smaller dose is used and dioeii

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the atlas, as well as of those found in the " Handbook for the Physiologi-

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was combined with a subcutaneous stellar incision. In one case a slight

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peritoneum is now stitched to the outer skin, and secured by button sutures.

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lage covering the humerus where it came in contact with the under surface of

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method by alluding to authentic reports of certain cases of human dia-

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dietary accomplishes the desired result most quickly. In other cases

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Such Were the results that there could thereafter be no question that

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the presence of venous tumours immediately under the skin which threat-

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expectorants (ipecacuanha, ammonium chlorate, apomorphine, liqa(v

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noted, sixteen presented in the first, six in the second, one in the fifth of the

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perfect vision, requiring the use of glasses, and the left eye nearly useless.

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may consist of simple hot water, decoction of poppy-heads, or chamomiles. A

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lenses of the various usual focal lengths. The formula for the ferrous-

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in normal position, and its mobility unimpaired in any direction. There