In No. 22 of the North American Medical and Surgical Journal, is a
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across. The latter method I prefer, inasmuch as it is more easy of execu-
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reaction of the urine. A combined urate and oxalate stone or a uric add
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the right side was dull, and the respiratory murmur and resonance of the
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in a ease of severe puerperal osteomalacia in which several mcmths'
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the paralysis had almost entirely disappeared, but the aphasia remained. It was
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an acceptable excuse for self-indulgence, cannot now be determined, but
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become painful which, in the ordinary meaning of the term, are not sen-
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aoetie), which tend to destroy the bacterial activity that causes the putre-
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baths should be at first 15-30 minutes. A steam bath may be direeOy
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course of the disease may supply some further indication for our therapy.
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nnmlation, and the toning up of the whole system. They should conedst
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I have usually followed the manufacturer's instructions for prepars-
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tadc of the dietetic therapy must be to cut down the amount of food b
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came on her while lying down. I would observe here, that there was always
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edge on this much disputed question. A very valuable epitome, in twelve
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field's work, and therefore it is not our purpose to discuss critically the
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diplococcofl. The other organs which may be inycdved in the infection are
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the authors call sepsin, and which resembles strychnia. 3. An alkaloid resem-
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sal" method of diagnosis are less generally correct than those from inspec-
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allowed to fall back. All three are very i^raeticable, and are easily cm-
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Elimination of thb Poison. — ^The first indication is to get the poison
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we may say, the entire introitus vulvce. Nothing seemed more appropriate
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one attempting the extirpation of the uterus, without previously performing the
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found affecting people in the lower walks of life, who, by reason of poverty
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Spalding, of Portland, Maine, is particularly interesting from the fact
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confine himself to the writers of one age, or one country, or one language.
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The field of vision was limited by a vertical line passing through the fixation
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the body ; and it was more or less attended with oedema. In some instances
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hopeless case where the tube was constantly being dogged. He has given