the principal meal, when the food will have been ohnined by the ■i»na*ii

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Dr. Green's case can hardly be considered as conclusive, but the mode

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to it, that the recorded evidence of the occurrence of dislocation of the ten-

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Ever since the occurrence of the famous American crowbar case it has

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formed by Dr. Casati, of Forli, the case was complicated by pregnancy ;

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protection against the dangers of the disease. Infants possess no im-

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an injury in the abdomen from the edge of a pan of water, she was obliged

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tion of endotoxins from the destruction of large numbers of treponemata

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in fact seem to exert no peculiar influence whatever ; for the disease is not

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ing, of traumatic origin, being caused by a stretching and partial rupture

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founded on theoretical deductions" had " not been quite realized" in that

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preparations, jellies, bread and eraeketi soaked in milk at broth,

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and ascertain from them what is the legitimate mortality of the operation ;

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solvent power on horny epidermis, salicylic acid incorporated with gutta-percha,

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went to school, which he attended for about a year, was able to read, and

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collapse^ and neceantates watching the patient most carefully.

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can the disease be most completely removed without undue risk to the patient's

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Another class remains to be mentioned, in which position alone cannot

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it is practicable. He recommended the use of the curette for controlling

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Autopsy. — The entire left occipital lobe, the parietal convolutions, and the cen-

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thematous fever were suspicious symptoms. In two of McClintock's cases

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of Thompson to test the urine daily to see if iodine is not being properly

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a thorough, succinct, and discriminating study of the subject in continua-

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sensation or motion during his illness, "which lasted fourteen weeks.

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sases. He began with 200 e.e. (6 oz.) of milk and one to three eggs

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Kstion and especially in one complicated with so unstable and depressed

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moarths have elapsed since such processes were healed. The amount of

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this Disease being caused in the First Case by Acute Purulent