would be necessary in such case always to practise total resection of the condyloid
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one of its authors, could sit down to-day and ab origine compose either it
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which, either at birth or soon after, show signs of infection. This shows the
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of their sharp oil, they may irritate the intestine and even the kid«
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toms of a local lesion. Mauthner states that colour-blindness in the un-
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into which, therefore, any temporary excess of blood will readily escape.
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up to 4-^ G. (60-75 gr.) i>er day, in powders or tablets. The author
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gangrene of the pelvic cellular tissue ; cure with unilateral blindness.
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arterial twigs were severed in the upper part of the incision, and required
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cular spasm, while the non-congenital is usually the result of infantile
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breakfast. Irrigating the stomach directly before meals produced an
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Too much clothing is a great mistake. The perspirati<m thereby^
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Specific Senim. — [Cole has recently reported the results of loor nore
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drink, we urged her to try and swallow some coffee. She made repeated
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x)dy with water is through the rectum. For this purpose we inject 2 or
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From this period up to the 10th of January, the general health of the
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proved (81 per cent). Syllaba reports as cured or improved more than
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of the Eye, in all the Cases. By Charles J. Kipp, M.D., of
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assafoetida relinquished, and a nourishing diet prescribed.
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we are all so much indebted to Marion Sims ; dossils of lint well saturated
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2. In the January number of this Journal for 1881, we presented an
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lesions, and that a very large proportion of such lesicms are the eanse
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glass whidi the patient holds in front of the mouth.
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bullae, and he states that one of the characteristic signs of diabetic gangrene is
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of opium and lupulin is recommended. The treatment of chronic cystitis
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extent which seemed to make the disappearance of the scar slow ; but the
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Malignant pustule is contagious from man to man. The author insists