rous tubules. Kabiersky first recognized a wandering of leucocytes as well as
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in 1874, is limited, and I have been able to find recorded only 27 caseSj
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The following is an example of a suitable combination of movements:
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Othbb Menoation : Arsenic — ^Two drugs beddes iron are often help-
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capillary walls do not themselves thicken or become hypertrophied. Even
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case as the one related. If harm followed the use of a stem in such a case, the
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A few things are noted that may be dissented from, but not in important
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If clerks, grocers, machinists, sea captains, and city politicians can be
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severity, as well as in some of the severe type, exercise increases the power
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to its content of potassium bitartrate, malic and dtrie acid, sugar, and
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Disinfection. — The poison of measles is not only y&cy diaBeminafale,
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Should 0.1-0.5 per cent, of sugar reappear in the urine, the whole
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2 Op. cit., p. 364. See also, Hamilton, p. 240 ; Agnew, vol. i. p. 881.
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and (3) fibrous. The exudative form in its early stages,
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Arsenic has been used in the treatment of qrphilis since the time of
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drum membrane has closed, and the hearing of the right ear is now as
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of heat compared with cloth (1: 90). In hot weather mesh underwear
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severe anorexia. On the other hand, he has seen cases of hyper-
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latter disease is easily eliminated by the age of the patient, by the presence
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E>f patients with stomach diseases. They omtain over 60 per cent, of
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superior parietal lobule; the other in the third occipital convolution. A recent
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virus directly into the veins. The author is perfectly in accord with these
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In a field so diligently explored as that of gynecology, it appears im-
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years she had a recurrence of painful symptoms on the bitten limb at the time of
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troduced into the blood, notwithstanding the opposite statement of Bitter and
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and some about which the statements of the author appear to us quite