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agrees with Sandwith in the choice of thymol and adminktexs 2 0.
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The friends refused to allow a post-mortem examination.
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works: (1) 30 ce. (1 oe.) of 23 per cent, solution of ferroua Bolpbate, (8) 30 ec
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was its best, equalling about one-fourth the size of that in the right eye,
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and a strong mixture of ammonia and whiskey given every few minutes, alter-
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brought Dr. Zeh to see her, who pronounced the disease parametritis
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the relative mortality in Europe after hysterectomy for uterine fibroids
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Antipjrretic Medication : Antipyrin — AcetaniUd — Pkenaceiii^ -^
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supervene. In other respects the patient enjoyed good health.
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Laugier, Chirurgien de PHopital Necker, has recorded (Archives Gene-
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occur if the pleura too is anaesthetized and the gas is warmed. 2. The
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show that anteflexion is more normal than any other condition in multiparous
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section of the bone is not necessary, and that the operator has decided to use the
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accurate records of dissections of the affected limb. The following account
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and the numbers of red cells, its persistent employment in the large doses
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dressing of this kind would often answer the whole purpose. It might be left on
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50*^, both relative and absolute, than would be accounted for by altitude
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morbid conditions and more frequently in women than in men. There
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strongly poisonous as to destroy frogs with the greatest rapidity. Both of these
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localization. An irritative lesion produces symptoms due to an increased
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the beginning of June the end phalanges of the four first toes of both feet had
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while those who have been most scrupulous in taking care of themselves
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An examination showed discoloration and some swelling of the left
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An overwhelming argument in favour of the placenta absorbing nutriment
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surface. Had slept some since 4 P. M. Continued potash mixture, and
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Constipation is frequently present and is best treated by msai