want is but partially supplied in the papers which follow.
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A Manual of Obstetrics. By A. F. A. Kixg, M.D., etc. etc. Philadelphia : Henry
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1. Hospitals, Infirmaries, and Dispensaries ; their Construction and Man-
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The left side of the face was cool and pale during the afternoon, but
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an expectorant mixture, is particulariy indicated wh«?e a deep tested
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have also been observed by such competent authorities as Gerhardt. Riegel, Pen-
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The Physician's Daily Pocket Record, comprising a Visiting List, many useful
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then that no ovarian stroma was found, for the sole reason that it did not
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studded with cysts, which when incised gave exit to a fetid ichor; this
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[Two excellent preparations in onr own pharmacopcBia are the qyrap
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drawing the milk for it rather than by suction on its part ; and that an
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is made to precedence of observation. The analysis of some of the symp-
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May 20th. Pulse extremely feeble; profuse sweats; orthopncea; cough
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indicated only at the beginning of the disease. For Hbe fever we give
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tenance less anxious. She had no spontaneous spasms since — they still
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this period. Continued the saturnine lotion, with directions to nurse to
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that the speedy exhibition of quinine to cinchonism and the use of an
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tendon. In proof of this he reports five cases of injury of the shoulder which
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structure which prevents the due loosening of the tongue. Having now freed
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in practice we cannot always determine the urea output or avail ourselves
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it such an extreme ansemia that the life of the patient is threatened, we
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progress of the inflammation to its natural end. This necessitates regu-
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and, after some expression of doubt, declares that he is forced to the con-
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know. In the case of recurring anniversary symptoms, it would be quite
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distant day, and that, therefore, the exploration did no harm. Perhaps
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in the apparatus. If the flow suddenly ceases, the opening has been
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sleep that must be understood if we are fully to know what sleep is, or
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Hamilton's statement was dependent upon the history as given him by
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names, too, has not received the necessary attention.
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supply, and so favoring the lesser circulation, (alkaline-saline (MarieD-
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exclusively the sterilized 10 per cent. Merck gelatin (40 cc. (10 dr.)
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peared in greatly increased quantity soon after the heart-affection showed itself.