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of the ligature. Dr. Longstreth's report of the post-mortem appearances

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(4) Bouillon (sometimes with the addition of a meat preparation).

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We have seen such small children raised in this city that we need not

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ments. With its fibres are intermingled those of the tendons of insertion

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central convolutions was normal, but that the anterior portion of the internal

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fluid" in his ear, and he wished me to perform the paracentesis again.

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must be given up, as in rhinitis, the bowels must be kept open, and if the

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toria Park Hospital, " whether the patients presented laryngeal symptoms

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but readily crumbled in the hand into a coarsely granular mass. The main ves-

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we can understand — but not otherwise — why in regard to gonorrhoea he

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inflammation of the face was considerable, and the eyelids cedematous,

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be examined, and the size and motility of the stomach tested. Fre-

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pathology of the disease. As has been already shown, this is accounted

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If acute gout manifests itself, not as a joint affection, but as a disease

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102°; pulse 100. A good night. Throat well ; tongue improved ; one

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popularly supposed source of danger. Nevertheless, the preliminary

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tissue of a particular kind, which is found nowhere else, a tissue composed

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became ulcerous. A gangrenous appearance was next assumed, and in a couple

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