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2-5 per cent., may be applied until the pustules have dried up. Bed

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Hospital, all observed for over 2 years, he reports 62 cured and 7 im-

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second stage consists in the small size of the nodules, their isolated char-

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author is not one directed to the heart itself, but to the arterial lesion,

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than that of cathartics, because, although they produce some antizymotic

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The balsam of tolu is administered in the same way, but is much less

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for instance, get a milk containing 5 per cent, fat, 2 per cent, casein, and

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ance of froth in the mouth, the absence of a hideous aspect of the countenance,

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weight. Other cases in which this treatment was successful are reported. One,

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before, complain of pain and excessive fatigue in all members." These observa-

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The rupture of adhesions by gas inflation often causes tolerably intense pain, but