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hemorrhage can be located, a light ice-bag should be placed over the spot

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in the determination of the nature of these two diseases, and it is with the

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lacerating any of the popliteal vessels or nerves inclosed in cicatricial tissue, it

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delivered prematurely is comparatively small, still there are many more

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as ever, especially when he turns around suddenly. The direction of the

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tomical conditions with regard to ulterior renewal of the joint if anchylosis should

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"In the Edinburgh, Med. and Surg. Journ., Jan. 1822, Dr. James Thomson,

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well with active out-door exercise^ who do not require sanatorium trat-

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It is necessary to cut the nails of children as short as possible to

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the pressure of the blood in the distal veins of the extremities is slight,

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quinine, 0.10-0.20 O. (1^^ gr.), should be given three tames a day, efa

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in which tepid or cool tub baths, full or half baths, sitz baths, sponge

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1782, approaches in character a modern ovariotomy, but was in fact a

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once heartily, symptoms recurring after laying it down.

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illustrates the importance of drawing a distinction between the many

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appeared in the feet. The toes grew painful, and the terminal phalanges black.

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while the patient is not eating, care must be taken to keep the mouth clean.

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Sippy bases his treatment upon the assumption that an ulcer will

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Qormal weight has been regained (see p. 384). The diet should also be

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became of an intensely dark colour. The tip of the nose also became black at the

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cold and warm douches on the upper part of the abdomen, by sitz baths

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and allow the mucous membrane to resume its normal function, while in

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be denominated the Jurisprudence of Obstetrics, including the medico-legal