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Big. — 3-5 tiU>]68poonfuls a day for adults; 1-4 for children.
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among others, that the condition of the larynx is of so little comparative
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pain and soreness of the prsecordia and weight on her breast, with an in-
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and intestinal antiseptic. Bismuth resorcinate, its componnd with bis*
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rejecting it all. If the sphincter does not contract strongly enough to
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the deep object glass of Mr. Ross, already mentioned in the paper of Dr.
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Kalari Batons ( 1909) 0.9 Barker's Gluten Food " A " 4.1
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de la Habana. Uni&o Medica, Rio de Janeiro. La Union Medica, Caracas. Gazette
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by antiseptics. Urotropine (see p. 142) and helmitol occupy the first
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weakness, less often from endocarditis in the right heart. A tiirombos
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safety from operation; less disfigurem^it from scars than discharging
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Medica and Experimental Therapeutics, Physiology, Histology and Experimental
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see p. 172. Oenerally, the baths are combined with a course of miner^
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Indeed, that of the tendon of the long head of. the biceps is contradicted, and
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liver oil may be given together in gelatin capsules.
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more painful ; active flexion of the forearm in supination quite impossible. By
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wine added; stronger alcoholic drinks are forbidden.
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be added to a pint of the gargle. Avellis recommends the followiof
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region than elsewhere. This was frequently verified.
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8. The pain was completely gone; but the face and the upper part of the
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improvement." Other experimenters at later periods reached the same
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are ideal preparations for the mouth. They contain no organic material,
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The seashore or a sea voyage usually does no good. It will be remem-
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In the chapter on Vaccination against Septicemia, the author appears
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laterally, the posterior flap freshened, brought into contact with the freshened
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in still another cases there was a chain of cancerous nodules along the psoas
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Tetanus Antitoxin : Prophylactic Use. — Although the use of a serum
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treated successfully by electricity. There were thirteen recoveries and
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ble medico-legal importance, and it requires further elucidation before it
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