nation, pigeon's corpuscles, otherwise almost invisible, can be readily recog-
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should be as near to the head as possible. One advantage of the endermic
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A teaspoonful of the tincture of benzoin may be used in the same
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eylindrical copper chamber in which the extremities, and if necessary the
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superficially, and caused a bulging of the convex surface of the lobe. It contained
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[In the choice of their diet, many clinicians still treat the diK«
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and accumulations of degenerated alveolar endothelium.
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diam., with a Zeiss Y \ oil immersion, half an hour was required as an
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there was eczema of the nipple. This ulceration, at first superficial, extended
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but principally in the small intestine by the action of the pancreatic and
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so-called steam compresses. The diseased joint is bound with a comprea
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i. e., one lobe, with or without the isthmus, had been removed. In all the cases
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of the later symptoms of collapse (weak heart aetion, qni(teied or
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prepared, and which, as the experience with wood-wool shows, I feel confident
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the living parts situate beneath the sphacelus, and to support the general
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The special proclivity of the abductor nerve-fibres to succumb to general disease,
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normal and morbid histology. Specialism in medicine has done and is
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articular rheumatism, iron alone or with arsenic is indicated. The author
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occurring during violent exertion, or through sudden inward rotation of the
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The final part of Book First contains, in compact form, much interest-
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mlesB we are prevented by intercurrent attacks of acute colic, we must
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1834, were seized within five months, 34 of whom died. In order to
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whose occupation is sedentary and miennded. In such work we should
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is, therefore, strengthened by the fact that opposing conclusions will not
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pared, nnce the violet color does not interfere with the red of formal-
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Honey. — ^Honey and malt extract are distinguished by tiieir higb
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fields for form and colour pass through three distinct phases : first, a pri-
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Flat-foot, Mr. Marsh thinks, has its origin most commonly in long-
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per cent) and the mortality was 8.2 per cent. The loss of vti^ wat
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respiration was rendered impossible, distressing frontal headache and
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all on the same horizontal plane, and a straight line drawn from the
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render, sooner or later, complete justice to those who had failed to cherish
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lates or lactophenin, it is powerless. In acnte cases it is given in large
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and papers enforcing and illustrating physiological methods as applied to