with iron are those in which the chlorosis is complicated by nervous

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my first case twelve years elapsed from the beginning of the attack to

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In making the transverse incision, the ligamentum patellae is cut through and the

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in which he claims to have elaborated fresh opinions, and trusts modestly

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the humerus upwards, etc., beginning with Mr. John Gregory Smith's

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probe was audible to several in the room. The patient remarked that the

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The third principal division of this book treats of gonorrhoea and its

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of the statements here made, for example that there should be no inclosed

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execution is highly creditable to the publishers. TY\ H. F.

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great a reduction of liquids as possible, in order to combat the principal

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those so situated that they cannot obtain it, frequently obtain almost all

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Aspirin or other salicylate preparations and Priessnitz applications are

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large vessels in which aneurism develops preferably not being the seat of

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Paris, 1880) that we cannot refrain from referring to it a little more fully

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which shows the mortality to be 172 (not including 106 cases reported

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if the patiait is unconscious, to make sure that the head is bent to one

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diement most be restricted. If caused by (1) <me of the different

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explain the constant affection of the latter. I hope to be able to have a necropsy,

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are usually necessary. Occasionally, however, after one or more punc-

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pared, a 20 C.C. Luer syringe is filled to the 10 c.c mark with sterile

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as showing the increase of electrical resistance by reason of high tempera-

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being very small. I have preserved it as well as I could, but it is notwith-

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on. The total quantity of liquid ingested daily should not exceed 1500

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of the right and of the left arm, the abdomen, the right and the left

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magnes. sulph. Continuetur applicatio glacies ad caput. This morning

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attention should, therefore, be paid to this mode of transmission of the disease,

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did not believe that ether, when properly used, predisposed to post-partum

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be regarded as due to primitive arrest of the heart, since the muscular contractility

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administration introduced by Koch is that which prevails to-day. In

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with a uric acid diathesis, or those who cannot afford much meat, <ff