restricted in the same way, under the conviction that, if we could discover
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Almost all the proprietary remedies on the maiket contain one v
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rheumatism, which is without doubt an infectious disease. In the maj<v-
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kec^ the intestine quiet and quickly checks diarrhoea. If the stomach is
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ones which contain sodium sulphate, the indicaticms are the same as for
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mosphere. With regard to the pathology of the disease and tetanus in
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growth. Among the former he places first the farinaceous foods niflh
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sheltered), Ories, Meran, and especially Lugano. The patient should
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wheezing, shortness of breath, or genuine spasmodic asthma appear. Men-
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(0.02-0.03 Q. (H~% Sr-) o' hydrochlorate of morphine is offcea
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combat the hyx>er8esthesia of the stomach by means of an exclusively
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and intestine are not always intact, and in any event we are prevented
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two weeks. For use further dilutions are made in normal saline of such
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in case there is reason to suspect a partial stagnation of the intestinal
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AlkaliTie Salt Waters. — ^Alkaline salt (muriatic) waters are also
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never merely to moderate a tachycardia or to influence palpitation of
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I have designated this appearance of erysipelas during pregnancy a
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[If the heat of the food is an etiolc^cal factor it is certainly only
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cation has relieved the patient entirely for seven years ; in other similar
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The treatment by warmth and eserine is very easily carried out. The patient
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of these muscular fibres, the upper lid hanging down to a slight degree over
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sure that this had occurred. In all of Paget's cases, it did before two
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patient was supposed, from the misleading history, to be suffering from
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the body protein so characteristic of this disease on practically all seri-
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which grows smaller as we ascend to the surface. The pigment in the
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cavated and very inactive. Where granulations were visible, they were
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