the portal yeins are found in a patient otherwise in a good general

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gia, or rather neuritis ; at his instigation, M. Friot produced, in 1879, a thesis in

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conditions are primarily necessary: the patient must receive the bort

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ing of the 8th inst., her pulse rose to 84. The breasts were full, tense,

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western parts is best. The mean temperature for winter is about 36^ ;

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simply those of an inflammatory character, or, as Mr. Soden then supposed,

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Respiratory Weakneaa. — Another 8ymT>tom in acute poisoninit as

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the total amount decided upon, are points upon which authorities differ.

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they tend to run together into heaps and so cause emboli, while again the

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possible, and there was no relief to the hardness of hearing. These symp-

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first make an attempt to ligature both ends of the divided vessel or vessels

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the water must be 50^ or even oolder. If the patient is sensitive to edd

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Pressure. Pulse iu 15 seconds. Respiratiou. Remarks.

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Hernia of the Ovary, which is instructive as well. It tends to show that

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From this period up to the 10th of January, the general health of the

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overlooked, or to be mistaken for fracture, sprain, or dislocation of the shoulder.

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can be overcome in as many days ?" When, in an old case of equino-

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stout) and appearance, with no acetone or diacetic or oxybutyrie add

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It is a little startling, but at the same time comforting, to read in the

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Case XXV — Male infant of A. B., coloured, primipara, born March

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mastication needed after the crust has been softened '' (Penscddt).

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toxins of no little danger, exploited for purely commercial purposes, lu^

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sub-choroidal lymph space, it is of course impossible to decide. It seems,

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least, ought to be abandoned. Konig's conclusion is not quite so radical.

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not long since little or no provision was made for most cases of infectious

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starch, and a pinch of salt. If eggs are used, Leube adyises deaniogtk

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this there is no separation of the very small masses of bacilli from the