time at childbirth. Dr. Duckworth's second patient mentioned that it came on
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tion, and in this way he discovered the relation of position to the disease.
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nervous vomiting, which Beem to receive the greatest b^iefit from dee*
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must thoroughly comprehend his own resources and limitations. He must
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sarcoma. There was much hyperaemia of the base of the brain as far back as
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and even larger than itself, in which also the pressure is negative and
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the author has seen the iodide treatment (1.& Q. (22 gr.) and more
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volutions on the left side. The tumours were soft carcinomata. (M. M. Bagg,
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not properly reduced, and advised a suit for malpractice.
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culty in the way of accepting the theory of trophic nerve influence has
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the same diet for 2-3 weefai, even if it involves a total abstinence from
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scopical examination showed the tumour to contain round cells of different size,
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and makes amends for much in the preceding pages left undone that ought
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the nose. As a consequence of this disposition, when the right side was
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all the space which the author could allow to that subject, and perhaps as
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cutting out all decayed portions, and being careful to sterilize it thor-
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A very rare condition is the absence of motor innervation affecting the
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mineral waters, found that Vichy (Grande Grille) gave the highest percentage,
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" Where the signs of local lesions are associated with those of general blood-
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Department of the Columbian University, Washington, D. C, and in the
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of hemorrhage which, in young and delicate subjects, would be dangerous.
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The illustrations are conspicuous only by their paucity.
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should always prefer resection to amputation, except in dealing with severe
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from any other method, very likely because more of the drug is actually
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calling him our own Godman ! But that deprivation is alike our fault, and