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the result of an extension of the inflammation from the ear to the mem-

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ments .... which have by long practice become automatic ; so that

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extensive removal of the tarsus has been followed, but in only one other

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the exception of a perceptible increase in his stoop latterly), until the night

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OP in neurasthenia, can rarely be completely repaired. Some excessive

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The whole connective tissue of the body had been found swollen and jelly-like,

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priety of basing upon it either a dogmatic assertion or denial of the exist-

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should be of high order ; such as would confer scientific dignity upon the

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much impaired; Snellen's type 6% is seen at 6 inches; ophthalmoscopic examina-

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and consecutive inflammation may be gotten by average comparison of

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opei^ation, and then using elastic ligatures, which prevented hemorrhage. The

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associated with lesions of the first temporal convolution. The loss of the

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always very slow. Under any circumstances, only a portion of the salicylic acid

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acute and chronic bronchitis. This structure embraces in part the frame-

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tirpated. Practically, only the last two are available. The milk pow-

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worthy of note. They indicate that the disease lay chiefly in the mucous

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ligaments. It was essential to leave a considerable amount of cellular tissue to

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and that we know of no better place to which the surgeon who desires to

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8ig. — 1 capsule every hour, followed by a glass of milk or wine.