orbit. In the order of their frequency, the third nerve is oftenest affected,

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particle of living matter," chancroid to the " purulent component of this

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not sleep. Every few minutes throughout the night she would suddenly

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jection of 20 c.e. often pnnnptly induces recovery. A second injection of

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and especially in the neighbourhood of joints ; surgical literature shows,

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Art. XXXIV On Malpositions of the Kidneys By David Newman,

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Case 25. Male. Left hemianopsia not quite reaching the fixation point.

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the consequent bulbar ischemia and circulatory oppression. No mention

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hydrates are decomposed much more quickly and easily than proteioi.

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(bicarbonate of soda, etc.) are better (Seltzer, Giesshtlbl, Erondor^

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«fttarrh with a tendency to diarrhcea. Under such conditions they are

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On the other hand, amputation at the hip-joint, for joint disease, is less

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patient at the time should be removed from the room, and no linen which has

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depends for its activity ui>on the liberation of formaldehyde in the bladder

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increases the amount of gas in the stomach. Burnt magnesia is aho, v

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fore well that the work of one who, as Dr. Stevenson says, had an " enor-

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paracentral lobule lie the precuneus, which forms the median surface of

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all the unpleasant symptoms. I suspected the cause of this attack to be

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(8 to 16 grams) . As a result of intelligent and painstaking experimenta-

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or more week% unless some contraindication arises, such as neuritis.

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]>eople with whom the convalescent may come in contact after his release.

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as well as the author, that caries means tuberculosis, and that the opera-

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100° F. Wound suppurating slightly ; great thirst. Mouth to be

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considered traumatic, is believed by Canton to be due to the existence of chronic

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get out of order ; he will be constantly called upon to operate in circumstances

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(15-^0 gr.) a day. For repeated administration it can be given in

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