Experiment XIII.— Dec. 20, 1883. Dog. Weight 14 kilo. Conditions of
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Pia mater of brain intensely injected, with a few hemorrhagic spots.
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In giving this article a title, I have retained the term " cachectic," as
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gen, aniline^ ni^?ob^mne, antifebrin, sulphonal, trional, potaaniB
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has diphtheria the others, servants as well, should receive inmraniziDg
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nmnber of patients with tuberculosis. Williams spoke of cures in the
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re-absorption of this. Icterus neonatorum, therefore, according to Dr. Hofmeier,
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ease results in consequence of a disturbance of the functions of the lymphatic
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to the local lesion which causes the hemianopsia and not referable to it.
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the cortex involved ; lesions of the frontal, central, parietal, occipital, and
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remodelled and extended subsequent to 1875 ; while another paragraph
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deriving its special characteristics from the scarlatinous infection. They
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3. That in time the epithelium lining the galactophorous duels became affected
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In the author's judgment opium should be given early and in large
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In describing these affections the classification of the Royal College of
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of the cause, that is, the expedition of the passage of the stone.
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springs is beneficial, as in all other post-infectious anemias. SuitaUe
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suited to the erethic but not to the torpid diaUiesiB. The favorite toina
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latest theory that adherent prepuce is largely the cause of the disease.
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Whether Eiasingen ia to be preferred in special caaea to CaiUbad or
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circumstance is observed in other and different cutaneous diseases, and
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surface available f(Hr the evaporation of water. The shaggy, laige,
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eye, \ in the right eye. Both visual fields are contracted for white light and for
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102°; pulse 100. A good night. Throat well ; tongue improved ; one
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riched by many valuable additions, will therefore be gladly welcomed by
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The opening paper is one by Professor S. W. Gross, discussing the
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the accompanying secretion are present in the stomach has become ibo^