hypodermic injection of salt solution, the apparatus is the same, except

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them in a certain direction ; e. </., both superior recti may be affected and

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seconds. Or, when potassium nitrate or ammonium acetate was adminis-

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some rocks on the left bank of the Potomac River, some distance above

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her countenance than the evening before. Her pulse was not quite so full,

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grs. xv. pulv. ipecac, grs. 3. to be taken every three hours during the night.

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broths. Further, it is well to remember that a single variety of carbo-

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disease has been hereditary on his father's side of the family. January 26,

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enlargement, and which has caused it to be known as Sigmund's gland.

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times a day for a month or so). The author has tried it in several eon

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sure of Sylvius. It was ruptured, and there was a large effusion of

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follow the lead of the other large gynaecological operations, showing a better

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tered in the usual doses, without producing the slightest pain. On the

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engorged. The corpora striata and optic thalami were congested, especially on

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and-a-half years of age. There were keratitis and iritis, and a yellowish

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anesthesia by alcoholic fluids secured, the blood diluted, and the tempera-

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this author " took a retrograde step rather than one in advance, fixing the

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persists. In this case it would have been easy to assume that all the

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chloroform until some time after the neck was enveloped in the dressings, pale

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them out of doors, and to persuade them to devote more time to its

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strikingly the case in the West Indies and in our Southern States, where

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but advises its use as an external haemostatic For the same purpose,

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8ig. — To be taken within an boor, ^ at a time. The disagreeable

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day. I had the theory from the first that extravasation had taken place

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to be perfectly black. Upon microscopic examination of such lungs, the

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Disease of the bones of the spine may irritate the spinal chord, or the

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All diarp condiments must be forbidden because they stimulate the

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potash or bichloride of mercury solution (1 : 5 to 10,000) or by the appli-