solution after the upper and thicker- walled parts of the excavation have been
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tion because the operation was undertaken too late, the other of peritonitis.
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TTooten remarks : " I have usually observed the first symptoms to make
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phosphorus with a copper deposit, thus making them incapable of absorp-
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certainly as much feared as typhus. Of 1134 cases, sent to the hospital
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of Materia Medica and General Therapeutics in the Jefferson Medical
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stress upon large doses of arsenic, b^^ with 0.25 Q. (3% min.) of the
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upon the climate's power of beat abstraction. The latter in torn de-
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tissues as has enabled me to apply the strong bromine solution with success. In
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was obliged to resort to instruments of less size than the smallest oesopha-
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as quinine, except that these doses are to be repeated three times a diy.
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pale and waxy look sadly portrayed its sufferings, and confirmed the his-
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as follows : In the right eye light is not perceived, and in the left eye vision is
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as a heart stimulant if signs of weakness appear as a consequence of the
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a partial atresia of the cervical canal, the correction is readily made coin-
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tendon of the long head of the biceps muscle, was supposed to have occurred.
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powders of 2 grs. of chlorate of potash to be put dry upon the tongue,
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ample, in basilar meningitis. It may also be seen in epilepsy, at times in
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the upper half of the retina? ; the posterior to the lower half ; the external half
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with the fats and carbohydrates. Taken into the body in abnormally
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cases often escape observation during life, since they give rise to no serious
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theory is supported by the favourable effects of the drug on neoplasms situated
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begins at the anterior or lateral surfaces of the vertebrae, but most frequently
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Appetite fair. Bowels regular. Tongue red, dryish, and cracked.
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would like to hear more." I then continued to read eight or nine succeeding
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authors think that it does not hinder this absorption, but that the latter are thus
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its appearance. [Frankel administers 3-4 G. (45-60 gr.) of digitalis
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or ovaries could be distinguished, and of these cases twenty-nine were
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the condition of the patient, should be given on the first day of the disease.
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The great desideratum is to induce, as speedily as possible, a new action in
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rejecting it all. If the sphincter does not contract strongly enough to
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obtained which kill frogs and rabbits in a few minutes. Putrefying casein, brain
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results. Of course, IJiis presupposes a normal heart and arteries, and a
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the student to suppose that micrococci are a subdivision of bacteria. Again,
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the green vegetables containing 4.5 per c^it., the milk 4 per cent*, and tiie
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Surgeon to the Pennsylvania Hospital . . . . . . .173
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or at the menopause, require thinning. Most neurasthenics, however, and
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placed by violence, there can be no reason why, just as when it is dislo-