reflexly excited. Ipecac is thus strictly a stimulating expoct-
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the yellow oxide of mercury. In purulent conjunctivitis,
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This case settles the question, in my own mind, as to the seat of
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the surface, which, on being removed, was found to be a piece of
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of tiie feet and legs yet troubled him, though they were improving.
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struction exhibited in this way, and the roi)utation thus gained, that the
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the throat intensely red. A mixture of chlorate of potassa, tincture
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local inflammation and remove the membranous exudation. At
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atic origin. It is efficient in assisting absorption of eifasions
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tiie injection of the poison and the fir.^t convulsive fits the patient
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avoids the danger of absorption and poisoning. The gly-
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f finely frayed fibres of cedar-bark, and is fitted with a head-board
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Toxicology. — The minimum fatal dose of aconite is about
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known, and therefore more available to me in a work so compara-
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A counter-irritant is an irritant which acts counter, or
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strong and healthy respiratory systems, they were made to inhale
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recommended amputation as the only alternative. The parents after-
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[Dr. Robert Druitt contributes the following to the London Medi-
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to the more numerous race springing from young and healthy parents.
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ly died in a menagerie. The following morbid appearances were no-
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Dec. 6th. — Seems warmer. Continue treatment; add stimulants
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some of the distinguished men of the continent, a better opportunity
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The case improved, without any serious disturbance, and on the
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jier third of the leg, after which the patient made a rapid convalescence.
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influence of a peculiar dyscrasia, which manifests itself by deposits
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ever, the legitimate appearance recognized in typhoid fever. Other
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oftener than once in six hours, and if the bowel is irritable,
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of the operator. Cats are given drenches by rolling them
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ditional volume, which should be specially adapted for the use of students. In
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destroyed the life of an adult in the small dose of two grains. It is rapidly ab-
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drugs influencing the respiratory tract. Thus, agents affect-
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cous membrane and upon the vessels in the lorm of molecules, while
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ings, where any hope may be to do something positive, and I wish
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inner surface of the trachea was intensely red. The patient did well,
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carbonas levis, B. P.; magnesia alba, magnesia hydrico-