intestine, lavage and enemas are also of assistance.
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whom he had performed that operation — except those only very recently operated
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washing out the bowel with a cleansing enemA of salt solutki^ in Ae
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an occasional puerperal affection very closely resembling scarlet fever.
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been much stretched ; tendon of the long head of the biceps permanently dis-
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inches long, introduced for 2\ inches within the uterus, permitting this to
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the two diseases. Ball and Thibierg, at the Medical Congress of 1881,
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From the introduction we find that the death-rate in New Orleans for
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of the drum-membrane moves under the pneumatic speculum of Sigle.
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late for insertion in its proper place, is an article on Luxation of the
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hold for cases of rheumatic type, for in them the joint-affection appears to
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tion of cold dry air upon the patient's metabolism. Whether a climate
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lecretion, such as continuous secretion; (3) diseases of parts in close
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eondition of the digestiye functiona depends, in great part, the fate of
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Therapeutic Effect. — ^We have no well substantiated theory coneeni-
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4 or 5 cases of puerperal osteomalacia in which it was tried ; but it must
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This contribution to the literature of resection comes from one who
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vry weak, and (2) the large intestine absorbs nutriment much less
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state — sub-diatheses of the uric acid diathesis. He regarded uric or gouty
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sign of a membrana tympani, but simply movable integument over bone.
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subjects. We were glad to hear the announcement that Dr. Richardson
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" The poison of Heloderma causes no local injury. It arrests the heart in
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hubl, Seltzer, [Poland, Bethesda, Hygeia]). A pint and a half to a
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we must take into account the fact that even without stenosis, stagnaiioB
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Autopsy. — Pia mater over the right occipital lobe congested but not adherent.