Dr. W. L. Sutton {Nashville Med. Journ., vol. iv., 1853) thinks the

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operaiions. Finally, all patients diowing signs of acid poisoning demand

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This part of the society's transactions contains the annual address of Dr.

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union which exists between the various erectile structures of the body.

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Elements of Practical Medicine. By Alfred H. Carter, M.D., etc. Second edi-

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open one. "We must refer them to the experiments made upon animals by

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is given in the second part of the book, but it misses a condemnation of

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ipoonful to 2 cups of tea). Still other authorities prefer hot milk with

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are: pneumonia, bronchitis, endo- and pericarditis, peritonitis, ^stitii^

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2. That it stands in intimate relationship to the convulsions of childhood and

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from the cranium are remote from each other. Sturge has reported two

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A stomach pump often injures the mucous membrane and hence duold

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quick disappearance of the fever, and a prompt improvement of the

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up to the present time they have returned with greater or less intensity, but the

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usually early presentation of those of 1883, we have the volumes of the

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The chapter devoted to urinary deposits and calculi is most incomplete

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One principle guides us in the latter effort: if the urine can be ren-

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establishments. When these do not exist, the same effects may be obtained by

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" anti-tuberculous" properties of iodoform, he points out the fallacy of

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pressure of the unyielding biceps tendon, then in situ, and this resembles

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whom laboratory instruction has never been available. Our author shows

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342 Corn well. Affections of the Eye-muscles. [April

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progress of the inflammation to its natural end. This necessitates regu-

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