In Stimson's case, 2 voluntary abduction was possible; there was demon-
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colour, and had an odour resembling that of yeast. Drops of this pus, collected
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flammations of the eyes. It was first, I believe, recommended by Mr. Lie-
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the Biceps Muscle. 1 By J. William White, M.D., Surgeon to the Phila-
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The Three Grades of Diabetes.— Light cases of diabetes may be
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that cases calling for surgical interference on account of malposition are,
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Priessnitz Compr ess C rosa>Binder. — ^Hydropathic measures aie
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Sugar. — Sugar is introduced into the stomach in different f inrms, as
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In lower layers of the corium the bloodvessels, dilated and full of red
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nificant fact, in view of the greater predisposition of young individuals to
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and it seemed to him possible that they might succeed.
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ippropriate sanatorium. The choice of diet has been much disputed,
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then add 5 grams every other day in the form desired until glycosuria
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made easier, and the breathing is deeper and quieter. The eold water
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peculiar in the fact that the front part of the shoulder struck first, the
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delivered by N. Chapman, M. D., Professor of the Practice of Medicine.
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former constipation persists or increases, the amount of fat and fruit
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Introduced catheter, and drew off six ounces of urine ; increased the in-
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bile passages and the resulting lack of bile in the intestine.
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decompose it into salicylic acid. It should not be combined with alkalies.]
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Syr. oodeins (N. F.) ..»...•••••...... 15.00 ...»•. Sea
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hydrochloric acid present we have to use 12, 5, and 7.5 G. (3, 1%, 1% dr.)
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Arriving at the house, the mother informed me that her baby was sick
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In summing up his experience gathered from the study of sixty-five eyes
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recommends trying 10-20 drops of HofEman's anodyne, or 15-20 drops
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nating elsewhere within the cranium, and extending to the base of the
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tology. Among the diseases described for the first time in this edition
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the trabecular of a fibrous stroma when cut cannot and do not retract,
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James Paget are, that the eruption extended beyond the areola and the
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doses of alkali were combined with the salicylates.