valve, but larger. Entangled in the valve was a quantity of quite recent,
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Gunshot wounds are treated of in Chapter XIV. in a manner which
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Surgery. — ^Another operation is sometimes undertaken. The abdo-
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outward shape of the shoulder are very slight indeed in these cases; you find,
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in proportion to the amount of nutriment they contain they are expensive,
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by adhesions, and, if so, whether the operation was made much more difficult ?
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ness, and the sight of the other was so defective that she could scarcely
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the lower edge of the external oblique, a scirrhous ovarian tumour the
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leaving a healthy surface ; fretting, crying, and jerking first symptoms
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per cent, of sugar, he excretes 45 G. (1^ oz.) of sugar, having burned
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of simple hypochlorhjdria. Here hydrochloric acid may be given, some-
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tube can remain in place without decubitus is 24 hours. In severe cases
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or Passions ; and Acquired Disease from Habits of Life.
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Case II. — A gentleman, aged 72, who had always been healthy, was unable
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" It would be difficult to lay before the reader any more striking examples of
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tinually be placed in the unenviable light of promulgating discoveries which
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side. The first strip has the so-called "index" on it— a vertical row of thirty-one
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and maj occur with repeated injections. The symptoms, however, are
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bolic acid solution or 0.1 per cent, thymol soluti<m), the internal use of
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the narcotic. It is still further probable that in every instance where there
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beginning with a dose of 5 drops and increasing by 5 drops each time
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been asked how the injection of blood into the circulation could have a haemo-
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and St. Lawrence River ofEer the stimulating type of eJimalyi witk aa
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Visual fields of the left eye were now obtainable, and, being carefully
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yet not to be too dogmatic in the assertion of positive achromatopsie, I
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of a rest and dietetic cure, the duration and stringency of irtddi ifl
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iWithin forty miles of the coast. Southern California possesses an ideal