flavored with lemon juice, a de8sertsx>oonful every 1 or 2 hours, or even
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contracted ; the red field being about two-thirds its previous size. -Those
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should have a medical superintendent, an office from which a woman
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increases the appetite and body weight and lessons the coo^ It k
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FiBBiNOUs-SuppxTBATivs PsBiTONrnB: Laparotomy. — ^In the second
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Without otherwise changing habits or diet, omit fat; after two days
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litis, under similar conditions, to check the purulent processes. It is
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If at the onset the patient complains of a severe stitch in the side, we
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square inches. The tumour arose from the falx cerebri, and had extended be-
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The error in diagnosis, however, is more apparent than real, for the adhesions
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To aecompliah these aims we employ mechanical, purely chemical, and
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thii purpose. Chloroform should be inhaled to centred the eonvslMB.
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resulting from the presence of the pin. In February, 1882, he applied at the
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to be used with caution. That digitalis does contract the arterioles he considered
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means of a stomach tube. He uses 500-600 cc. (1&-20 os.) of a 1 per
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for the excessive hemorrhage about fang wounds. In acute poisoning,
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stand alone the position taken was with the feet straddled widely apart, so
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spas, baths may also be taken, sometimes in the iron water itself, some-
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Fever, pulmonary hemorrhage and hypersensitiveness require special
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to write. Hearing and sight were unimpaired, and memory, except for words
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the lowland dimate stimulating enough, but should pass the spring in
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simple catarrh of the urethra, and gonorrhoea. The second division
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1884.] Mackenzie, Irritation of the Sexual Apparatus.
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140 18 in first 15 seconds. Vagus ' irritated 44 seconds
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with oily solutions there is no reason for sterilization being repeated ete&
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necessary to discuss before taking up the dietetic therapy of diabetes
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been known that destruction of these lobes does not necessarily give rise
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present, there is no objection to the Mediterranean or the mountains,
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Chloral hydrate also has a very good effect in many cases of obstinate
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surgical work, indicating as it does the fact that scientific study is now clearly
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critical cases, in patients with serious complications, and sometimes in
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longed treatment by pessaries, such as we have described, is quite inadmissible
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on several occasions mistaken for syphilis, and amongst other methods of treatment
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From the Author. — Outlines of the Institutes of Medicine; founded on the
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case, to death in about a year. Such observations make the author agree
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many sincere friends. His intellectual attainments were considerable, and to
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The subcutaneous connective tissue contains a scant amount of fat.
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and so insure as quick an absorption of the arsenic as possible, thm