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this purpose we may emplby 3-4 teaspoonfuls of the tincture of rhubarb.

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Schwalbaeh (Hesse-Nassau), Eoenigswart (Bohemia), Alezanderbad (m

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Autopsy. — " The iron was found in the anterior and inferior angle of the left

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minster Hospital ; Late Curator of the Anatomical Museum, King's Col-

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Pr^wrmtioiL — As for the mode of preparation, boiling is best, espe-

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ciated nerve-nuclei, irritation on one side, as in the case of inhibition,

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parts as is practicable and proper diet is the most hopeful treatment in the

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refusal of breast the 5th day, when mother found the jaws locked, and in

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1 injury alone. Syphilis is thus the most frequent and important change of condi-

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trochanter is commonly the cause ; that the reflection of the periosteum,

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in solution are replacing the whole serum. The elimination of the other

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structing an isolating cottage prepared by Dr. Wylie; a list of articles

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is soon enough for a child to return to school or an adult to resome kk

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should have been the first to acknowledge, and the readiest to reward, his

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minous or malto-leguminous meals, and beef juice (2 tablespoonfuls added

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of the recent investigations of Sattler upon the nature of trachoma. Sat-

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cous membrane in the surface of the muscular substance, and dividing the tip

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recovered ; their ages ranged from twenty-one to forty-five years. Two

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the increased calcium loss through the urine, by limiting foods rich

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into ike patient's vein. Meanwhile, the second ssrringeful is being

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period about half a- degree higher. The average temperature of the uterus