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sion and improvement of medical science, the importance of learning
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lobe with definite areas of the retina, as Munk was able to do in the case
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abatement of the temperature of about seven-tenths of a degree (C.) ; this abate-
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of dead-black cardboard, were carried inwards towards the fixation point, situated
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force other than the propulsion of the blood is concerned in the movement
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sloughed, so that when the line of demarcation was established at the second
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and died in 1821, aged 47. In the three cases reported, the tumours
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the observations of others, as derived from the examination of the sputa
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ing to 98^°, and after rising again the following afternoon to 100^°
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The contra-indications to a repetition of the injections are a devdop-
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business centre. The best season is from November to May. Barlow's
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Acute Fibrinous Bronchitis. — ^It is fortunate that this is a rare &-
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A man came to the hospital with a catheter in his bladder; he had not made
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in Annalist, n. s., 1848, ii. 229, interesting because, notwithstanding the
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ten years afterwards, gives " congestion of the brain" as the cause. The
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prolongation. Paresis responds much less promptly, distinctly and per-
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presents itself, with the entangled cellular and corpuscular elements,
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tient's vein is now raised with a pair of pincers, a small cut is made in it,
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unimportant part in diphtheria in compariscm with the treatment hf
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described by Olshausen, the author believes there are two forms — a glandular, in
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of the stomach. Its digestion is really performed in the intestinetf alone.
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[Following Wright's investigations, caleinm lactate' or chloride
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lyy irritating the injured mucous membrane of tiie stomach. In such
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plished the legs were brought into as nearly a straight line with the
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stimulus excited no contractions in the muscles, when applied to the upper
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