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changes which affect the alveolar walls, with special reference to their
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press was penned when the then fashionable test of tubercle was the
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between it and the windpipe, in order to avoid wounding the recurrent
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injection or cover the entire body. This condition, known as serom liek-
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an enlargement of the left ovary. It was hard, spheroidal, circumscribed,
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iger tips of the left hand pressing the right hand as deeply as possible.
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became ulcerous. A gangrenous appearance was next assumed, and in a couple
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influence the alkalinity nor does the excessive fluid dilute the bile. It*
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If increasing the carbohydrates up to the amount tabulated in the
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order that she might obtain an interval of rest prior to the coming away of
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by a late edition, the sixth, of the admirable clinical lectures of Trousseau.
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tive, yet they are sufficiently suggestive and directive to guide the student
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symptoms were noted, and, in addition, the following : The vertical cir-
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taught us to recognize whole groups of diseases characterized hj tbc
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If this is neglected, serious or even fatal complications may spread from
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with its results. The definition of the digitalis-group was, he thought, too wide.
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Of the nine children only one, a boy aged 11, died. The heart in this case,
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There is a joint between every two vertebral bodies, with the intervention
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cases of a gouty diathesis has always been the administration of alkalies
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sation. The post-mortem appearances, therefore, and the duration of the
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may be used instead of corrosive sublimate. It is sufficient to rub decorated walls
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In a field so diligently explored as that of gynecology, it appears im-
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which such symptoms did not appear, give as the mean time of circula-
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''White meat*' is allowed; the patient should get daily at least 150 G.