Case II. presented much the same physicial signs upon admission as

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Gynsecology at the fifty-sixth deutschen Naturforscher versammlung, in Septem-

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be totally disregarded in diseases of the stomach and intestine. If the

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needle. Attached to the open extremity of the longer glass tube a short

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today is more to be censured than waiting for a doeed tubereulosu to

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Case III. A young lady, aged 18, a resident of a mountainous rural

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"in filling the sub vaginal space of the nerve on the opposite side of the

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weight. Other cases in which this treatment was successful are reported. One,

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lation ; resection of the osseous extremities which formerly constituted the joint.

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Kcda.— The preparations of the kola nut may be used as a tonic. The

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30-40 cm. (12-16 in.) should be used, or a stomach tube. Before the

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Dr. M. Bartram, of S. C. {Trans. Coll. Phijs. Phila., 1793), was the

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organism may be attributed to: (1) the relatively small dose, and (2)

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temperature (SQ^-dS"") is i>oured over his neck, breast, and bad:, and

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turbinated bones, and possibly the destruction of hyperassthetic surfaces.

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hydrotherapy. The fate of the typhoid patient may dei>end upon its

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gross calories per kilogram. In order to calculate these quantities for

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HyDBOCHiXNEao Aero. — ^Investigations of the gastric contaits hi^

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Case IV. A man, 20 years of age, fell on his right hand, wrenching his

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interior proceeds from the adjacent intima. . This coat, it should be re-

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diminution in the hsemoglobin or red count. A combination of bromide

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tenderness in the abdomen, especially in the right iliac fossa. Symptoms of

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Of the twenty-nine cases referred to only five deaths occurred, making

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But. while both methods may continue to be successful, and each may have

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and increase the magnesia in the urine. The acidity of the urine may

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emotional excitement, insanity was at last fully declared ;" in one, " after