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[If the heat of the food is an etiolc^cal factor it is certainly only
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times with meat extract, broth, or the yolk of an egg added to improve the
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and she shrank from using the biceps, and, indeed, from moving the joint. The
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of diabetes are sometimes prophylactic, and sometimes are directed
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cause often induces the secondary condition of the blood to disappear,
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cases sometimes occur on the breast, and after many mouths' duration are cured,
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therapeutically considered, for the effect of a locality depends not so
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understood ! We regret that in this place the author should not make
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there remaining only the bright-red colour of the skin from which it derives
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removal of the gland in children. But the explanation of this difference was
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Kronstadt, there were found 158 malignant tumours, 127 being carcinomatous.
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the causes were, why men of such acute genius so frequently erred, and
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most. A cotyledon, the integrity of which has not been damaged, is then
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extend to the kidney my experience does not enable me to determine.
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results of any particular mode of treatment not worthy of implicit confidence;
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enlargement of the knee and thigh, diminishing toward the groin. The
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maladies," and we might add such as seriously affect health and use-
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cutaneous vessels, and collapse ensues, demanding the immediate use of
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At 11 o'clock A. M. I called upon the Rev. Mr. Davie and requested him
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Feb. 6, 1877. A similar note, and the twentieth paracentesis.
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examination of the feces has disclosed the existence of the cbaraeierutie
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matously or subcutaneously in either leuksemia or pseudoleuksemia. But
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take light meals about every two hours throughout the day, so that the
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or phlegmonous, usually the former. 5. Premature labour takes place
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pulmonary complications (emphysema, pneumothorax, empyema, etc),
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peral fever, the physician should not attend another labour case within a week at
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