Report of Proceedings of the Illinois State Board of Health. Quarterly Meeting,
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Dr. von Hoffmann has examined the fluid from about forty placentae, some at
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cited here supports this statement. In the other cases no record of colour
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therapeutic measures in hyi>06ecretion of hydrochloric add, wheUMritii
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and gastric sedatives. He orders a rigid milk diet; begins with and
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In the medullary form of cancer the disease is not so easily diagnosed, or
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course, stay in bed. The most suitable drug is opium, which keeps Ae
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gards the aneurism as after the operation twenty months ago. — Glasgow Med.
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The management of hospital housekeeping, a most important matter,
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enough to prevent any trace of glycosuria from appearing. Then pro-
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notice of the Westminster Medical Society, and in which the tendon was divided into
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vania Hospital, Member of the Philadelphia College of Physicians, one of
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guishable by their muscular coat, which is well preserved. The veins
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thirst by letting pieces of ice dissolve in his mouth without swallowing
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The specimens of lupus examined by me were taken from patients of
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known method of relief. Any complicating difficulty, such as gastrie»
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the theory to see much force in the proofs adduced by its most enthusiastic
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L--O.02 a. (ycr% gr.) morphine with 0.0014-0.0005 G. (Vm-'A.o gr.)
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quent after the concentrated antitoxin. An antitoxin unit is not a definite
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had taken away small portions of bone from the ileum, which had become dis-
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there grew a devotion and attachment akin to those of mother and offspring. Breast
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excessive in amount, and undergoes organization, constituting union by
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meals, or broths pure or added to rice, barley, or oatmeal grucL An tg^
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then introduced the probes. Some slight puckering of the r skin where the
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those above quoted differ so decidedly. Doutrelepont, as before mentioned,
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with its many spines to the tentacles around the buccal orifice of an actinia