the attempt to revive that lost art on the part of others. Judging by the
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mine an active dilatation of the vessels of the abdomen. No other substance
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point referred to before, and to be borne in mind in conducting medico-legal
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intracranial lesion, owing to the non-decussation of the olfactory paths in
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which was found to be a left hemianopsia. The field of vision was limited by a
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nights unsuccessfully. Tumour was laid bare, and common carotid tied. On
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cases blindness was not produced in the opposite eye. The condition was
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eases are so nuld, that rest in bed for the proper length of time is all
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distance of two miles. In five days the wound was healed, and he left the hos-
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culation of the pigeon's blood and the potassium salt clearly proves the
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Dr. Gross concludes that while the mortality is very great after this opera-
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or meat, su6h as calves' brains or chicken finely minced and passed
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out through the needle, the rubber tube is compressed with the finger and
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had been attacked about three weeks before, with a cough and pain in the
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land, which is in fact as it is known to us, to that of the world at large.
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lin should be as far as possible relieved. It is furthermore necessary
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ary outlay ; to manage the light so obtained to the best advantage requires
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patient's sleep and nervousness. These two observers reported a slowing
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1 Claurus u. Radius Beit. z. prac. Heilk. Bd. iv. Hft. 3.
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trusion of the Placenta and causing considerable Hemorrhage, by Dr.
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the surface, thus preventing any further escape of extractives and salts
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The effects of mineral baths are due not only to their high tempera-
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