pill, gr. v, twice daily ; after a month scarcely any constitutional symp-
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fection is necessary. It is equally obligatory, but not necessarily so rigid in scar-
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ing on an acute exacerbation of the chronic inflammation.
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One of the latest researches undertaken in Dr. Kooh's laboratory at the
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A gummy tumour, the size of a pigeon's egg, was found in the right
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snt or strain, (3) chronic poisoning (tobacco, alcohol, morphine, lead),
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therefore, very little use to sex>arate children who have been near a
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at the temperature of the room (65^) followed by a rub down and exer-
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Therapy of Hemorrhagic Infarct : Etiology. — ^The treatment of t
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a decided preference for enucleation over hysterectomy in the cases where
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the increase in the uric acid in the urine occurs either during or just
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By this is meant not the coma which may occur suddenly as the result of
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an aqueous solution with the addition of a small amoimt of alcohol.
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chilliness." But Niemeyer says, that it " generally begins with a single
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poisons ; and, further, that the products of gastric digestion contain poisonous
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Elephantiasis Arabum cured by Ligature of the Femoral Artery.
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is often efficacious in cases with marked cerebral asthenia and headadifls;
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ready ior burial. It was yet warm, and the wrinkled emaciated counte-
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central line just posterior to the vertex appeared and increased in size. During
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Within the next half dozen sections, the various manipulations incident
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endowed with it originates in the same membrane, the author inferred that
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Feb. 6, 1839. By Laurens Hull, M. D., President of the society. 8vo. pp. 14. Albany,
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is thus often not called in until the diseased mass is ulcerated and broken up into
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a day; or methylatropin bromat. 0.0005-0.001 (Viw-Vw P*) ^^