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which he proposes to maintain the impaction he believes always, or almost

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The medical and surgical treatment of aneurism is discussed at length,

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The author regards this case as one in illustration against the view of

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*ah'*; 750 cc. (l^^ pt) of milk, two e^s, and 100 G. (3 oz.) of grape

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The alkali treatment has been called the most brilliant discovery in the

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who cannot be controlled while under home or other customary influences.

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crossed in the manner represented in Fig. 1, in which the external side

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and a half-page plan is devoted to the " Boston Free Hospital," an

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rules in regard to the apportioning of exercise to the diabefcie. Con-

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pitals. Opposition to reform is apt to be inconsistent, and in this matter

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ness, and nausea continued, with weak and watery eyes, all of the next day,

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liable to produce intestinal colic and loose stools in two or three boon

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chosen by the United States authorities as offering the greatest dimatie

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has also in this edition set forth the claims of the fluid extract of eryth-

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myxcedema and cachexia strumipriva. I was not aware of it before, having

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a large flaxseed poultice, to be changed every three hours during the

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good, and the handy size and shape are to be commended. C. W. D.

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the patient died almost instantly, probably from the above cause. In what

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must do our best to carry out the treatinent at home. A balcony or

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the three middle toes, the epidermis was raised in blebs containing bloody serum,

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the departments are held by a corps of Examiners appointed by the Faculty. Short

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relatively high humidity, high mean temperature, and slight diSj

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penis, and which disappeared spontaneously towards the winter, and

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slight. Krishaber says that double vision occasionally exists in con-

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apparent successes that have not been so long a time under observation.

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which were supposed to prove that tubercle could be produced in animals

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and stripped of its periosteum, and the insertions of the ligaments, as far as the

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whole field, is a matter for speculation wholly. But that the same kind of

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then that no ovarian stroma was found, for the sole reason that it did not

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digpor, Oxyuris vermicularis, and Ascaris lumhricoides) ; blood parasites

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desired to have something with which she could moisten her mouth. She

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appetite, to avoid overtasdng digestion, to further regular eva<mation8 and

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Koli a condition that the proper therapeutic measures may be tried with

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land and Ireland, and in large cities everywhere. Indeed, I have seen it under

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sedative effect the patient may be covered with a blanket and then bft

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Unquestionably the source of the hemorrhage was the open bloodvessel sup-