severe. This affection is very common with children, especially
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to form a large sac the contents of which are discharged at intervals.
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The injection affords more relief if used cold, or nearly so, and
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handkerchief and inhaling it, but relief from this source is uncertain-
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Mans on, and others have fully verified the accuracy of Laveran's ob-
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greater after tlie patieut lias been on a suitable diet for some weeks
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the conspicuous increase of residual nitrogen ; that is to say, of nitrogen other
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ling's solution, the copper sul^Dhate is reduced to red copper oxide,
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5. This causes them to rub against each other during the latter
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disease flesh is heir to. What a shame it is that in some of the states the
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relief from the use of this remedy. In debilitated subjects tonic
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indication, fail to take bodily exercise. This exercise is to be regu-
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panies ochronosis in some elderly alkaptonurics, in whom there was evidence
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obesity, gout, nervous diseases, diseases of the pancreas, and syphilis.
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Thus is removed the last safeguard, heat-production goes on apace,
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urine is highly oolored, almost as it' mixed with blood. Chilly sen-
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the credit of the fund, it had increased during this
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Rheum. XII. — Urticaria, Hives or Nettle Rash. XIII.
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internally to counteract the depression and the effects of the poison,
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Again, as has already been mentioned, alimentary lactosuria is not unconmion
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sion continues to increase, the fluid escapes from its sac and accuiiiu-
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resort the patient not only takes his daily quantity of water regularly
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It is liable to intermission, and to recurrence in the spring and autumn
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of the rosettes ; (7) flagellate organisms, round, ovoid, or pear-shaiDed,
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be compressed into fat, just as occurs in the healthy organism.
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may even be met with in parts in which the joints do not as yet show
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found to exercise its action on, and almost exclusively on, particular
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transmission we can only indicate, not explain, the fact. So far as the
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cumulated in the omentum, mesentery, pericardium, mediastinum,