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The sale of horseflesh as food increases in France, but by no means

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the statement is made that these organisms are "cultivated artificially with great

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four years believed himself cured of it. Aside from this attack,

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pulse was almost 140 in a minute, and remarkably shabby, while he lay

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This number of the Gazette completes its fourth volume. We

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than in the preceding case, although the dyspnea was greater. Four days

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ignorance of their predecessors, regardless of the old proverb — ' Every

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C. H. Haeseler, M.D., of Pottsville, Pa., had a delicate, ansemic,

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strangers, others friends long separated,, are not in a suitably sympa-

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The Homceopathtc Medical Society of France meets in Paris on

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might prefer that substitution who would vote against both.

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their very dense population, the extreme poverty and bad diet of the

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am sorry to say it has been committed by many practitioners, and I have

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pondence of the American Institute, upon the subject of arranging for

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knowledge of its nature is not necessary for practical purposes.

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At that time they were having an epidemic of "three-day fever"

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as if it was only a stem to attach the head to the trunk, which exhibited

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Blisters are employed in a variety of diseases, but are followed by

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remaining for any length of time in a flexed or stooping position, par-

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rence, in the last stage of that disease, of tumors which not unfrequently

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show a special aptitude for gymnastics they may be encouraged, within limits, to

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Three o'clock, p. m. Has taken half the mixture, was nauseated by

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division. It consists of a large 1,200-gallon tank of water, which is

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and soft ; in six or eight hours more it will appear as if about to fall to

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the fifth pair ? The patient was healthy, and very intelligent ; and