first hours of night shift work than in later hours,
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diagnosis of lesions of the cystic duct were rarely
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cases the onset is usually sudden, the history show-
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the rule is reversed, the Irish being eminently the sufferers. I can
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Now as to the immediate cause of death, some consider that
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those employed by Treviranus. Again, the two former regard
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ports, here and abroad, of these two complications.
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Carliy. — In Brooklyn, N. Y., on Tuesday, March nth,
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College for a suitable building, with conveniences for patho-
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Thus, as a rule, the skin discoloration is actually due
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candidate whose medical diploma was granted by a homoeopathic
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.A.rsphenamine likewise has a roborant or tonic ef-
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character, although not more than from one to three
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seems to have identified is the constitutional type.
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lar character, that is, with early periodical attacks
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distinguished editors, and so well calculated, in other respects,
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cocoa, tea, chocolate, also milk and milk products,
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regulator muscles therefore plays an im])ortant part
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operation. Malignant tumors of the testis are ultra-
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Excision in the middle of the hand and foot, by Dr. Gernet.
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tem, on the monstrous development of certain organs; while the
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tiic circulation than chloral hydrate, though it is
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heterosexual experiences in childhood, but were se-
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power in her lower limbs but considerable return of
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required no other proof of the sincerity of my patients than the
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ber of the lymphocytes present in the circulation is
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slight rigidity of the neck. This disturbance passed
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have all tissue sent to the laboratory for examina-
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The seminal animalcula were first observed in the early part
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Doctor Miller is a striking illustration of the fact
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perftaps the fats tend to inhibit the rapid absorption
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systematic treatment of syphilis in its initial stages.
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intended to be such, had not their talents and love of science
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starvations in almost all diseases, and their unfounded dread of any
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of Cincinnati, for a time, removed the colon in all
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_ Thursday, April .?j(/i.— Hospital Graduates' Club, New
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questered spots, and covered by dense cupolas of flourishing shrubs.
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viz. : Those resulting from "delayed labor," the so-
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