order to perform it with skill, the operator must be accustomed to cervical opera-
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a tumour. When opened by incision, to the extent of four inches along
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intravenous use of bacillus coli vaccine, albumose, proteose and solutions
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degree in all the fruits maitioned. Its efiFect is due to two facts: it
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with a yellowish fur; the pulse, skin, and other perceptible functions being
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other authorities state decidedly that it is, while Virchow, with many
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of the exudate remaining in the lung, 10-20 drops of oil of turpentine
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the ten days. A fortnight later the patient was found to have a systolic apex
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endeavors to analyze the patient's character, to discern and eradicate
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treatment. If the disease is uncomplicated by other bacterial infeetioiia^
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there was little to hope from the internal administration of the calomel,
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Diuresis. — ^Diuresis may also be brought into play to aid in tte
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Dry and Warm. — The dry and warm coast climate is very stunnlitp
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CoMUeum. — ^The greater niunber of other drags used in aente joint
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By bi-manual examination this firmness was more distinct and very ten-
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the nucleus of the sixth. The nuclei of the other eye-nerves were un-
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use of small doses of opium, regularly emptying the bladder with a soft catheter,
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observer will very often be forced to admit that he has seen suppuration
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meals, either enclosed m capsules or taken with 60-90 Q. (2-3 ol)
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Thompson (January 3, 1883) as a "new" method. We think, however,
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was obliged to resort to instruments of less size than the smallest oesopha-
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lain dish and thoroughly defibrinated by whipping with glass rods ; the
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Meat Soups. — ^All broths and all extracts of meat are to be rigwoosly
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eating). Appetizers may also be tried; e.g., mild caviar, sardineBp or fine
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both animals and men confirm this view, and so far no detrimental eiEeeto
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There was a true lymphoid infiltration of these papillae.
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digestion. Measles is very rare in the first mimths of life, as a certain
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the anterior portion of the corpus callosum for a distance of £ inch ; the diseased
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as the pulse of the mother is ordinarily a third, or a half, and in rare cases
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there have been but 15 per cent, of failures, while 50 per cent, have been
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Although, as I have said, there was no conclusive evidence as to the posi-