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solution of the sulphate of atropine had been instilled every hour. The

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^eet upon the urine and all agree that it increases the urinary output

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the same year Ferrier was led by further experiments to modify his earlier

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coil over the cardiac region are employed. In many cases, hot I4)pliea-

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by symptoms of cardiac insufficiency. The patient will frequently do

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of the bladder, associated with vesical irritation and severe pain at the lower

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For slight atony of the stomach and intestines, we use gentle laxatives

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parallel with that of the humerus. A finger inserted into this depression

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escaping through a narrow orifice ;" three weeks later the tumour was reduced to

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bacilli are completely pulverized in an agate mortar, suspended in water,

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[I never use this drug for such a purpose ; nor do I bdieve it Im

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At 2 o'clock P. M. called to see her again with my brother. Her par-

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is rare for even complete procidentia not to reduce itself, or become much smaller,

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compression and softening due to the presence of tumours ; and, therefore,

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pathological conditions in which the former were involved. Any lesion

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power (physical condition) left after the cessation of optic nerve pressure

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rom inflammation or ulceration of the mucous membrane. In the flrst

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pyaemia or septicaemia. Each of these theories is maintained by authors

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worm, the next most important parasite to be considered is tiie romd

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limate. This is only employed in the more contagious diseases, and the prescrip-

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placed upon the perineum, while she rests her cheek quite confidingly upon

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'Vfhich less sturdy individuals survive; from neglect in training children

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sensible, clear, and instructive. One would have to know a great deal

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1884.] White, Dislocation of Tendon of Biceps Muscle.

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other writers, our author arrives at the following conclusions: Out of 61 cases,

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which is usually the result of introducing too large an amount of gaa

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His disease commenced at Christmas, 1881, and lasted till August, 1882. The

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^uently the ulcer may be so situated that he should lie on his left side,

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upon, but we miss one recommendation which we think of considerable