of the right optic thalamus, and destroying the pulvinar. All other parts of
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patient being kept away from tuberculous individuals or from doK
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other hand, if they do not characterise a special disease of the scalp, are
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bad in the early days, but there could be no comparison between the two opera-
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progress - y but there is little or no reference to recent advances made in
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when he commenced this treatment ; but the progress of the irido-choroiditis
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of such societies, when of sufficient notice to be made public ; and of lectures
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that the congestion and hemorrhage found in dissections are an effect, not
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affection began during convalescence from scarlatina. These are not exceptional
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stoical attitude towards all minor unpleasant feelings must be insisted
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factured by Herr Beiersdorf, of Hamburg, at the suggestion of Dr. Unna, who
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College have added a thorough system of practical Laboratory work. To each course
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superficies has been due to physical laws which limit the scope even of
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salicylates were given in initial doses of three drachms or more in twenty-
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throat deeply congested, but slightly swelled. Eruption covering entire
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end to the fever, and improves the pulmonary symptoms, if they are
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Prescription. — The head to be shaved, and ice applied. Sinapisms to
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Curative Use. — ^In the acute form of tetanus which develops a bm
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and encouraging. Of the first hundred only 37 were saved. In the second
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be weakening. In their place douches of only a few seconds' duration
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tincture of iodine and water three or four times a day until the slough has sepa-
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very severe in the right posterior part of the head, and dimness of vision, with
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(1^ gr.) on the next day and ordinarily continuing the medication for
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in any operation on the bodies of spinal vertebras — where the hemorrhage was
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The local 0fect when given intramuscularly may progress from a
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years from occasional frontal headache. In March, 1880, symptoms of orbital
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nent symptoms due to the destruction of brain-tissue. The acceptance of
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them immediately. The patient should remain in the pack until the skhi
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presented in their totality for each operator. This has largely simplified
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has been localized by Ferrier in animals in the region here involved. While
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