are produced by the intermediation of the bulbo-spinal system, and death cannot

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what the title on its back — " Genito-Urinary Diseases and Syphilis" —

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Some patients cannot take milk. Similar amounts of tea diluted with

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doses of 0.1--0.2 G. (1^^ gr.), combined with enemata of 0.1-0.2 G.

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" 3d. In man at his full growth, there is an apparently well marked rela-

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feeble this winter. The thirty-fourth paracentesis is made, and a slightly

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water. In these doses the drug is not soluble in cold water, so that it should be

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three cases by forcible straightening, and in two forcible straightening

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true danger of the operation itself, as shown after its performance upon a

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This case is of much interest, as the perception of sensations of smell

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lour before dinner, and sometimes a third or a fourth at the time when

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of the many instances of post hoc ergo propter hoc reasoning, -which have

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plicated or not by Flexions or Versions, successfully treated

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are beneficial to the whole organism and particularly to the diaeasd

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The fetid odor vanishes immediately. The author often prefers hydro-

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natural to suppose that the patient remembering what must have been a

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fixed and tied in two portions, but which was fortunately arrested by a

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him also symptoms of paralysis on the opposite side promptly appeared ;

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13 days, snd, during this time, infants usually have disturbances of

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paper. Mr. Willett, where there is much pain and stiffness, forcibly

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disease should be at once disclosed, should put the patient's gums and

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cold water or cold alkaline waters. External implications of heal, li^

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Brief reports from the city and port physicians conclude the book, which

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breathing and circulation are quite vigorous, that he thinks the post-mortem

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considers the present prevailing method as being a practical abandonment

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and Students. By Heinrich Fritsch, M.D., Professor of Gynecology

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yet believe there is a specific virus for this affection. He says that

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" Deligation" are, of course, intended to describe the act of tying, but

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thorough medical treatment, at least in every case seen early. Botch,

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found out from experience that its use was apt to bring on tetanic