a symptom of other troubles, associated with four conditions of import-

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Christian era. The sort of evidence upon which the opinions of the great

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tiodbolf apparently at leait^ is an indireet food, whose use in modraite

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various applications to relieve the pain ; e.g., chloroform and oil of winter-

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There would be no danger of oxygen-poisoning, for the quantity given would be

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were fairly formed ; indeed, so striking had been the beneficial influence of

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Bce, it is well in cases of hyx>ersecretion to use frequent small doses,

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probable that any phase of disease appertaining to the genitalia could

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sent. Palliative and anodyne applications were the only remedies used

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tubules. The colour, however, was much less marked than is the case in the

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repeat the use of any one drug, but to alternate our cathartic with an

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she had cephalalgia and loss of appetite; failure of memory. No convul-

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pressure upon the nerve with its consecutive atrophy, totally distinct from

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eondition of the digestiye functiona depends, in great part, the fate of

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a very mild laxative, generally taking twelve hours to produce their

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so valuable an operation as many other surgeons consider it. His chief

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the inhalation of oxygen (15-25 gal. a day), is more efScacious, especially

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Further proof of this fact is found in the presence of a considerable,

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an antiseptic, it is exceedingly little soluble in water or in the discharges that

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Indicatioiis. — ^Nutrient enemas are indicated not only in severe

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1884.] Transactions of the American Surgical Association. 481

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Continued the beef extract, milk and lime-water, and the acetate of pot-

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is the jaundice, which often develops some days after an injection of this

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9sia are being carefully tested. In a few cases of duodenal ulcer with

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"The single noteworthy fact found in all these cases is that which I have

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move the radius in the direction of flexion with very slight exertion.

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Heart Stimulants. — Such great demands are made upon the heart

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wSkf 125 O. (4 oz.) of wine, the yolks of one or two eggs, a pinch of salt,

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viz., the establishment of the true cause, and the prevention and cure of

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Over two centuries ago, Rolfinc 4 wrote : " Qui partibus genitalibus