destruction of bone, but, on the other hand, rapidly progressive molecular

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DiOTtjBBANOBB OF THX DiOBSTivB Oboans.— Digestive disterbsneei^

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posed, was used. After they were stained, the sections were placed in

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It is seen, in the above series of experiments made on dogs with about

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under the use of serum and much better results since 1906 with a poly-

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themselves in out-of-door occupations, such as fruit growing. The

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better in a quiet inland country place. Much wind and severe cold usually

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contents suddenly follows, the diagnosis of an hour-glass stomach is

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contain fat, particularly if they are fermoiting, like Bochefort^ Par-

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point of an inflammatory action of a rheumatic character, under the influence of

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topics. All these subjects are well considered, and are presented to the

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1 Epithal. Pelei et Thetidos, Ixiv. Catulli op. omn., Lond., 1822, p. 230. This phe-

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This is mere speculation, unsupported by any microscopical evidence^ as

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so characteristic of the late Tilbury Fox, and which brought in the names

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a week every three weeks. The actitm of potaasinm iodide aeema to be

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tions between day and night, it is wise to open the window obIj ptaOj

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of Raynaud constitutes the- other. Since 1862, this affection has attracted

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Steamer Baltic, Surgeon Franklin B. Kimball, 3d New Hampshire, in

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a few drops of tincture of belladonna or laudanum may be added to the water.

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in sleeplessness, restlessness, and tossing of arms to and fro. Then also

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ease he can himself suggest nothing to tempt his ai>petite, it is sometimes

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European hospitals by ecclesiastics led to such abuses that in the 14th

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recorded results, which is not equally true of the procedure when the

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be made worse or have their lives jeopardized bj the then^peutie

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the location or variety of the erysipelas. In explanation of the good

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Individual experience, always limited, goes for very little, for the honest

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borne, and if the proximity of the pneumogastric nerve did not prevent,

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