and form patches of various extent, around the circumference of which

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which was driven into the right parietal bone, a little posterior to the protuber-

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for at least one year after the termination of treatment and unless the

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mrgery 91 per cent were still welL In 1000 cases treated surgically

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the Pancreas. The details are given of a case of thrombosis of the pan-

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was in the fifth intercostal space. The sounds were only feebly audible, and

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bicipital fascia and to the radial tendon of insertion: " Accuratissimus Anatomicus,

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The balsam of tolu is administered in the same way, but is much less

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cause; while by ascertaining and removing the root we can generally cure

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solution after the upper and thicker- walled parts of the excavation have been

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paralysis, nystagmus in left eye, dilated pupils, and double choked disk. During

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dragged upon. Not being able to find a sufficient cause for these symp-

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advisable to have it re-opened and examined as regards the state of the

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disease is greatly aggravated during the menstrual epoch, or when under

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Male, bitten in August, 1853, by a large copperhead whose fangs were buried

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saliva and invertine combined, have no action on maltose, not more, except

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Lavage. — ^An abnormal secretion of mucus and abnormal deoonpos-

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The preparation of the solutions has been already described.

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Clinical cases from Dr. Gee's wards, the first of which is of Locomotor

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se, ever gives rise to trismus. We know of no nutrient vessels in it, no

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record which contains the fourth hundred, and give a resume of the results

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small residual amount of exudate remains unabsorbed. In sndi cimi^

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to their digestibility and their availability in diseases of the digestire

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prevents all sweating wherever it covers the skin. It must be put on

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Transactions of the Medical and Chirurgical Faculty of the State of Maryland.

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muscle remains soft and flabby. In a similar complete flexion of the

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The portion before us constitutes only the first volume of Dr. Dela-

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ity, and thus produced the hemianopsia in both of these eases.

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showing that this modified method of examination is absolutely under the