pathologic exudates and deposits, brou^t about by the improvement
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If the latter is to be given with the colchictmi, we may use senna once
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Ordinary sulphur baths, either naturally hot, besides containing ra-
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for the sake of those who may find interest in this rare operation.
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M. 8. — 1 tablespoonful in a glass of water, to be taken gradually
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how much benefit had been derived from counter-irritants, it was remark-
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point when he makes rupture of the perineum a cause of anteversion and
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tive processes may be favoured, and the action of disturbing agents
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mulatto, would turn dark-purple. The only intermission of these symp-
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The waters had passed off more than twenty-four hours since. The su-
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require a very nice judgment and much painstaking observation in the
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of forty-eight, and became tabetic at the unusually late age of fifty-eight ; in an-
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don of the biceps was found associated with other pathological conditions
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Artificial respiration should, if necessary, be carried out persistently
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being from 25 to 30 per cent ; those due to Type III are severe, oneJulf
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descending optic neuritis, or by some other cause. They are not symp-
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In stitching the kidney to the abdominal wall the perineum is not opened, as it
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patient, wearing a thin bath-robe, lies on a 5-inch layer of sand (tem-
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then be thoroughly aired, and, if the odor of formaldehyde is stiU present^
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stage ; constant pain ; oedema and redness of the abdomen over the tumor;
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as favoring regular stools, also excite peristal}^ by irritating the intestiBsI
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protracted chill of great violence," and Beveridge (Quain's Dictionary of
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(see p. 309). The treatment of pleuritis will be discussed a little later.
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" This inward displacement of the biceps tendon, which Soden and others have
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the one-fortieth of a grain of hydrobromate of homatropine for more
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phique, is one of the sequela? of ulcerative changes in the part, traces of
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tinues over 8 days, the physician must be on the lockout for tobereokni
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live, 1 gave the usual directions as to posture, and offered a pecuniary
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its introduction, the list of conditions in vHiiich the drug was contra-
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one month, while in some cases the drug must be continued for two years.
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F.R.S.E., President of tne Obstetrical Society. Second edition, much
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